NetCube Updater

The NetCube Updater for MS Windows® automates the execution of batch commands on a large number of Net-Cube. It has been specifically developed to ease-up repeated operations such as

  • configuration of NetCube clusters.
  • mass deployment of software upgrades.
Image updater-overview

NetCube Updater overview

The NetCube Updater communicates with the NetCube on a network using telnet  and  FTP services. The sequence of commands to be executed is defined in a scenario file written by the user. It’s a straightforward enumeration of telnet  and FTP instructions such as upload, download, delete, etc…

Once the scenario ready the user creates the list of the NetCubes on which the operation will be performed. The NetCube Updater offers 3 different methods:

  1. A  scanning engine which automatically detects all NetCube on the local network
  2. Enter manually each NetCube adress
  3. Load a previously saved list

Finally a simple mouse click starts the software deployment.  For each operation a complete log is generated allowing for control or filing purpose.

Of course the software offers numerous example of scenarios covering most the common cases.


  • Avoid repetitive administrative tasks
  • Automate mass NetCube upgrades
  • Usable as monitoring tool to check for specific conditions such as disc full, soft-ware version, etc.