Warranty, Updates & Documentation

Hardware Waranty

Codemat offers a one-year hardware warranty on all its products.

During the warranty period you can send back defective NetCubes with a report explaining the problem to the address listed in the contact page.

After the expiration of warranty the repairs will be invoiced (material and time). In this case you will first receive a quotation for approval.

Software Updates and bug reports

There’s no warranty on the software, it’s provided as-it-is. However you can send your bug reports using our support form: we regularly provide updated versions of Sigma and other software components, and your bug might get fixed in one of the updates.
If you need technical assistance on the software (and timely fixes), we encourage you to buy one of our “technical assistance packs” (see our Services).

NetCube Updater for MS Windows®

The latest version of the NetCube Updater can be downloaded here. You will need to buy a license to be able to run the program.


NetCube Manuals

Sigma Documentation

The documentation is integrated in the Sigma web-interface itself.