The following PDFs describe specific NetCube tasks and their logical implementation in the Sigma environment:

  • Traceability Food – Traceability of raw material and parallel control of machine loading process in agro-industry.
  • Data Analyser – Management of tobacco quality analyzers with remote identification and data transmission.
  • ERP Prod Stat – Aquisition of production data  and transmission into a central  ERP system.
  • Monitoring Prod – Real time monitoring of production machines for an MES including DNC functionnality.
  • Comport Logger – Logging of weather data into local FTP server with periodical remote transmission to a central databank.
  • GPIO Server – Automation and credit card remote management of gas pumps.
  • Log Modbus RS485 – Storage and barcode identification of data from multiple sensors daisy-chained on a Modbus RS485 line.
  • NTP-GPS Client-Server – NTP Server sharing a common GPS module between multiple clients.
  • Comport Switch – Simultaneous  RS232/RS485 data redirection   into redundant servers.
  • Auto Forward Serial – Data redirection initiated by the NetCube.
  • GPIO Management – Direct or remote management of digital inputs/outputs.