Development of custom applications

Sigma allows you to develop your own applications easily and rapidly. Upon request we can create an example based on your specifications, a “starting point” that you will expand and further enrich.

We can also develop part or complete applications.

As we create them within the standard Sigma framework without using any programming language, the cost is reasonable and the Sigma applications belongs to you!

Don’t hesitate to ask for a quotation…you will be surprised!

Development of new function-modules for Sigma

If you miss a feature in Sigma, get in touch with us and we will quote its implementation.

You profit from other customer’s new features as they profit from yours!

Technical assistance

With the Sigma Program Generator  you have all what is needed to create your own applications but you might still need advice or help to solve some specific requirements.

For this purpose you can purchase our technical assistance packs. We assist you (usually by email) whenever you need us. Your support credits are valid for a full year.

Available options:

  • 2 hours pack
  • 5 hours pack
  • 10 hours pack
  • 20 hours pack

Enquire for the pack prices.