Products Overview

Intelligent device servers for industrial data acquisition and control

With the NetCube® Industrial device Servers series Codemat Sarl has combined PC technology and 24 VDC digital I/O to form a compact DIN rail unit easily mounted in control cabinets.

This powerful series of devices collect and process data from different equipments or machines and integrate them seamlessly via Ethernet into companies databanks and information systems.

For applications not involving I/O tasks and operating in a light industrial environment Codemat Sarl offers the NetCube® “N” series of intelligent device servers.

The NetCube Web-IO-3

NetCube Web-IO-3

NetCube N200-3

NetCube N400-3

SIGMA ”Zero Code” Program Generator

Sigma is the standard embedded software common to all NetCube® series. This truly innovative web based programming environment

  1. generates seamlessly applications mixing control- and information tasks
  2. eliminates programing languages and tiresome code debuging.


With the program Updater the user can configure a cluster of NetCube® and mass deploy software upgrades from a MS Windows environment.