NetCube N400-3


The NetCube® N400-3 are intelligent device servers offering four serial DB-9 serial ports (3x RS 232, 1x RS 232/RS 485) and one Ethernet port. They acquire, process and save instruments and machines data and transmit required informations immediately or time delayed to a SQL-databank or a remote client via TCP/IP or Modem.

Thanks to their powerful X86-300 MHz running under Linux, 128 MB RAM and up to 4 GB flash memory, the NetCube® reach unprecedented performances for such little devices.

Image NetCube N400-3

NetCube N400-3 -- Front and rear views

Embeded Software

Standard embeded Web applications include:

  • the configuration interface “Easy Set-Up”.
  • Sigma, a revolutionary application generator which allows to program automation tasks and data processing in the same environment. With Sigma you create any application “zero-code”, i.e. without compiler or libraries, hence eliminating the need for programming languages or cumbersome debugging.

Application examples

Typical application examples include:

  • Direct data transfers from equipment into SQL databank.
  • Machine- and equipment data acquisition, analysis and back-ups in real-time or time shifted modes for traceability or MES applications.
  • Compact client for bare-code readers
  • Automatic alarm messaging via E-mail
  • Firmware updates and remote maintenance via Internet or Modem.

NetCube® N400-3 Specifications

Case Sheet-metal  black RAL 9005
CPU X86-300 MHz
Memory 128 MB RAM
Storage 128 MB (standard) up to 4GB Flash
Interfaces 3x DB-9 RS 232
1x DB-9 RS 232 / RS 485
1x LAN 10/100 Base-T
Flow Control Hardware (RTS/CTS) or
Software (XON/XOFF)
LEDs Power On
LAN Activity
Standard OS Linux™ 2.6.x.
Power Requirement +5V @ 400 mA
Operating Environment 0° C – 60° C
EMC & Safety Compliance Meet EN 50081-2, EN 50082-1, -2, EN 60950
Dimensions in mm 171W x 120D x 65H
in inches 6.73W x 4.72D x 2.56H
Embed Software Sigma ”Zero-code“ program generator
Server Services COM, FTP, HTTP, PPP and Telnet.
Client Services DHCP and FTP Client.
Virtual COM-Port Driver VirCom® for MS Windows™ 98, 2000, NT, XP, 2003